About Me

My name is Sasank Sunkara. I’m a Computer Science engineering graduate from Bits Pilani Hyderabad Campus currently working in PayPal, Chennai. My father created this website for me few years back. Since then, I haven’t made much use of this. But now, I feel like I can use this platform to share my views on things which matters to me the most. In my case, it’s cinema.

I love writing about movies. Forget about writing. I love watching movies. I feel so liberated and refreshed when I see some good movies. They helped me gain perspective over the years. Moreover, the magic of sitting in a large dark room with strangers and watching something is definitely a larger than life experience which people should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Over the years, the way I see movies has changed significantly. Thanks to people like Mani Ratnam, Vishwanath garu, Ashutosh Gowariker, Rakeysh Mehra and many other great Indian directors for the kind of movies they make which tries to strike a chord with audience making them commercially viable but at the same time not compromising on the artistic values. So, coming back to my writing part, if tomorrow I write about a movie, that will solely be my understanding of the creative and technical aspects of it and what worked for me and what didn’t. That process will evolve organically and will come to good shape after sometime.

Two things I wanted to clarify before I start writing :

                  I’m not eligible to be called a critic because I know what all it takes to become one. I’m nowhere near that as of now. I’m still trying every day.

                 Whatever I write is technically not qualified to be called a “Review”. As I told, it’s just my understanding and what worked for me. 

If what I thought matches with majority of audience, then I consider myself successful. But not all films might be like that. I try to get my core individuality and perspective in my writing before anything else like what audience might think about a particular film.

I hope my views reach out to everyone and I promise I’ll try to be as honest as possible.